Revolutionary High-quality Liposomal Products

Stand at the forefront of the most significant breakthrough in bioavailability, backed by top scientists and patented technologies of LDM
Liposomal liquids, dry liposomes, liposomal healthcare, pet products, and cosmetics are all available to our customers through white label and contract manufacturing.
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Why Work With LDM?

LDM is leading the industry with the latest advancements in the development of liposomal products, boosting the bioavailability of active content beyond any level seen before. The benefit of liposomal products is that they provide a solution for better absorption of active ingredients in supplements and vitamins.
Liposomal products have far greater bioavailability than traditional supplements and vitamins. In addition, liposomes can transport 90% of the active content into the body instead of 10% for non-liposomal vitamins and supplements.

New Developments - Dry Liposomes

Dry liposomes are the next evolutionary step in the liposomal delivery industry. They provide all of the benefits of the liposomal delivery system.
They also eliminate all of the downsides and make the use and storage of such products as convenient as traditional supplements. So enjoy all the benefits with no compromise of the active ingredients!
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20+ Years of Experience

With more than two decades of dedicated research and experience, our team of scientists is considered the go-to driving force behind the industry.
If you are looking for liposomal solutions, unmatched bioavailability or unmatched knowledge and passion in these fields, you have found it in LDM
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Our Services

White Label Products

Use our advanced liposomal formulations as a base for your products. Make use of our advanced scientific development, testing, and production so that you can focus on branding and marketing.
Get the best from our tried and tested products, proven production processes, and unmatched knowledge and experience of our research and development team.
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Contract Manufacturing

Do you have your own products that you want to have developed and produced? Then, you are in the right place. Make use of our state-of-the-art production facilities and expertise to have your product on the market as soon as possible.
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Products for Scientific Research

We offer high-quality, advanced liposomal products for scientific research and studies. Conversely, low-quality liposomal products are an issue for scientific research, as they do not give reliable results.
We can produce both high-quality liposomal liquid and next-generation dry liposomes for all your research-related needs.
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Our Products

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Our Liposomal Supplements

High Quality
Commonly speaking, it is not very difficult to create liposomes. However, properly encapsulating an active substance inside a liposome and creating a stable product is very challenging—this is why many liposomal products on the market today are of low quality.
Nevertheless, we are not just manufacturers of liposomal products. We are at the forefront of the industry, patenting new solutions and developing advanced products with our team of scientists and researchers.
We are the best partner when you are looking for high-quality goods, expertise, and consultancy in the field of liposomal products.
Unparalleled Delivery and Bioavailability
The vast majority of supplements and medicines used today are inadequately absorbed in the body. Poor absorption is caused by stomach acid and various enzymes before reaching the cells that need them.
Liposomes encapsulate and protect the content with the help of a harmless phospholipid membrane - our bodies are made of the same material.
When a liposome passes the stomach, it reaches the small intestine, easily absorbed into the bloodstream with the active content fully protected and intact.
Moreover, when it reaches our cells, thanks to the biocompatibility of the cell and liposome membranes, the cell readily accepts the liposome, and its contents are fully absorbed.
Another advantage of liposomal delivery is that liposomes can carry both hydrophilic and lipophilic active content, which means they can deliver many different types of active content.
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